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   I started out in the early 1990's in a garage in Titusville Fl repairing computers for my  friends and family mostly and I guess eventually word got around and then things got a bit outa hand at the house, I didnt have any room in the garage to work on the lawn mower, there was too many computers waiting on repair, I had everyone needing help and I had so much computer work  I couldnt keep up :)  well anyway I decided to open a new computer repair store a couple blocks down the road from where I was living and eventually we got it all set up and over the next year it was booming... and that little garage grew into what we named Diversified Computers Sales & Service Inc.

 During that year I had to hire 4 technicians, and a front store clerk, anyway all went well for a few months and we got more work from the local area but then we was contacted by Nextel to be a Dealer for the Titusville area to sell and repair Nextel phones. Then a few days later we became dealers for Verizon and Boost phones. Wow things went fast.   So soon after that and some negotiation from both they offered signs for the location so I ordered one for Diversified Computers and they payed the bill to have all three installed on the roofline. (glad they payed that bill).

 Anyway getting on with business I had to hire three salesman and one sales/office Lady (My Mom) (she did a lot more than the guys did but glad they was all there lol) to run the Nextel and Verison stores, we also stocked all high end computer supplies and parts so soon we needed more room again :) Anyway I rented almost the whole strip mall I was in (the two largest), started taking out some walls put in a few doors built some benches for the tech's and and a server room in the back (forgot to mention we was a dialup company also lol).   More soon below.


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mark combs

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pattrick king

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george king

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david hinchcliff

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